Chris Fibbe, Managing Partner 

Chris Fibbe is a principal and co-founder of ITK. Chris is responsible for setting and implementing the strategic plan, while focusing on maximizing revenue and profitability. He has more than 20 years of successful leadership and frontline experience within the consulting industry. He also has an extensive background in professional services, technology implementation and practice development. Chris has honed his big picture perspective as a member of a number of executive management teams and boards, navigating challenging business cycles and scenarios, including startups, mergers and acquisitions.

Before launching ITK, Chris launched Paradigm Business Solutions, a systems integration firm within the Lawson Software space. He built it through a mixture of organic growth and acquisition. Paradigm became the software maker’s largest implementation services partner and was later acquired by ISH followed by PwC. Prior to that, Chris received top honors at Lawson Software as a sales representative, software consultant, and later as a consultant manager on the Services team.

Clients and consultants have followed him throughout his career. This is no accident as Chris continually cultivates his strategic partnerships in the trenches, the C-Suites, and at all other touch points along the way. He is focused on value-driven results by leveraging the latest technology. He continues to prove that a company can be both financially successful and a place where employees and clients simply enjoy doing business.

Sam Coluccio, Managing Partner

Sam Coluccio is a principal and co-founder of ITK Solutions Group. With 15+ years of consulting expertise under his belt, Sam has successfully created and lead restructuring initiatives for senior consulting teams, retail organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

He has developed a “process first, technology second” consulting approach that emphasizes the importance of aligning software solutions with business processes – not the other way around.

Prior to launching ITK, Sam spearheaded efforts at Microsoft to reorganize their Dynamics consulting services organization, and was instrumental in building the offshore practice for MSFT in Hyderabad, India. He created and deployed the first comprehensive ERP/CRM implementation methodology, which was later adopted by the partner channel and is the standard for all AX implementations. Before Microsoft, Sam was VP of Retail Consulting for Lawson Software where he built a regional and national practice with sustained growth.

Sam’s ability to recruit, hire, train and retain strong business professionals in his practice is a thread running throughout his career. He has a strong passion for innovation, and a truly entrepreneurial spirit. Sam continues to strive for improved results with every engagement, going beyond “best practices” to achieve real value for each of his clients.

Susan Alvarez, CPA, Partner, Services Delivery

Susan Alvarez is the VP of Consulting Services for ITK. She has 2O+ years of experience on both the client and consulting sides of the house, including strategic planning, functional accounting, finance and business process expertise, inventory control and optimization, customer loyalty and unit economics, as well as profit and loss and project ROI analysis.

Susan has seen and helped solve a variety business issues from both sides of the table. She is as comfortable at the Board of Directors table as she is in the midst of challenging transactional discussions. She understands buying practices and other customer-facing issues, as well as the internal process issues that help make for a better customer experience.

Susan appreciates the business needs and challenges of her clients from her years of hands-on experience, plus has the ability to use software applications as a tool to help solve clients’ needs.

On the client side, Susan gained broad experience as a public company Controller (100 unit public chain, $300M in sales) and Chief Financial Officer (for a 55 unit private chain, $100M in sales). In those executive client positions, she worked on an IPO and two secondary offerings, plus oversaw two ERP system conversions. During her career, Susan’s consulting experience was interspersed with client experience (so she has never been absent from the client or consulting worlds for very long).

On the consulting side, Susan has worked on over 50 ERP implementation projects (10 of which are Microsoft Dynamics AX), in both support and lead positions. Her experience crosses over all aspects of a project: defining requirements, fit-gap, system design, to-be processes, issue analysis, training (project team and end user), system testing, customizations and post-live support. The industries that she has worked in include retail, distribution, marketing, sales, manufacturing and financials.

If software is a means to an end, Susan understands the means, the end and the process issues that run throughout.

The plus is a sign and symbol, and our outlook in general.
Plus is what we do to your business and what we spare your bottom line.

It’s how a group of experienced professionals can flex our ERP and CRM know-how,
and yet still know how to listen.

Plus SymbolsIt’s giving software its due diligence
without doing an injustice to the very process the software is intended to improve.

It’s an ability to talk to a CIO or CFO with equal aplomb.

We plus your business by delivering value,
not lowball budgets that turn into budgets that snowball.

It’s face time and quality time, and not overstating or overstaying.
It’s being superbly competent without being remotely arrogant.

It’s a belief that retention does not occur at the bargaining table, which is why we treat our employees like our best customers, and hope our customers don’t mind the same treatment.

It’s our desire to simplify the lives of all those we do business with and employ…
by doing all this, plus.



We understand software integration from both sides of the fence.

ITK uses a “process first, technology second” implementation methodology.

  • We understand business processes, not just the technology
  • Belief that technology is there to solve a problem
  • Solve business problems first
  • Software is just a tool
  • ITK Executives have solved the problems you’re facing
  • Understands software integration from both sides of fence

The fact that we know the software and how to take advantage of the software to solve today’s business challenges doesn’t hurt either.

Our Methodology
We’ve integrated our partners’ methodologies into our own home-grown approach. In particular, we leverage Microsoft’s proven Sure Step Methodology, which was developed under the guidance of one of our founders. With SAP and Lawson implementations, all ISV’s use the same methodology, so working together is seamless. We all speak the same language.